Death to Northwestern


Its only been... three weeks of school and already the threat of Exams and curves that will kill your already pathetic grades is looming over my head... and the heads of those around me!
What is it about NU that makes me want to rip my head out... and wonder why I'm paying to go mad!! You know come to think of it... from Kindergarten to Senior Year of H.S. I always enjoyed school... I liked my teachers and my classmates... I didn't mind homework so much... plus it was never too difficult (because people actually knew how to teach)... now that I go to NU... where the tutition for the 2007-2008 school year peaked to approx. 49,000 I hate school!!! I guess the best things in life really are free!! (Thank God for Financial Aid!)

Well Today... Chem Exam from 7-8:15 PM... Wednesday in class @ 10AM Engineering Analysis Quiz... Next Wednesday or Tuesday @ 12 PM a Calculus 4 (Multi-variable Calc) Midterm...
Not Cool....

....Not Cool....


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