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Well its official....
EA 3 is kicking my butt! I've fallen so far behind and the quarter is quickly beginning to slip away!! Last week's problem set wasn't too bad because there were only 2 problems and they were both MATLAB problems so it was just plugging in numbers and plotting graphs. This Week... 4 problems and it took forever to do!!!

("Why Tom, Why!" is an inside joke
my and my EXCEL summer program friends have...)
(Tom was our EA 1 professor in during the summer program...
we would shout the phrase when we would assign homework or give us tests)

This week won't be as bad as the last 2 weeks.... cause midterms are a thing of the past... and the future.... since next week I apparently have a Sociology test and an EA "Quiz."
Oh God, how I despise engineering. Someone needs to remind me why I'm doing this to myself!!



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