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Can this be? I'm back and I brought C2E2 Pictures!? What What?


Well, I clearly forgot that I had a blog! :D

I'm not sure if I want to continue to use this for anything 0r if I should just delete it all together. I haven't updated since Election Day 2008! That's a really long time for no updates, besides I don't really think anyone reads this. I don't know I guess I just can't bring myself to delete it. Well I'll see what I can make of this.

In other totally unrelated news; last weekend (April 16-18, 2010) was C2E2 (The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) here in Chicago and it was a lot of fun!

Welcome to C2E2 at McCormick Place!

I signed up to volunteer at the con back in January and was admitted to the C2E2 volunteer team, which meant I got a FREE weekend pass (that's $50 that gets to stay in my pocket!).

Volunteering at my 1st con was so much fun!

Seeing as how this was the 1st Annual C2E2 I didn't really expect much since it's still in its baby stages, but it also happened to be my 1st comics convention ever. I'm a bit of a comic book newbie so the con was more chill for me. I really just wanted to walk around and observe all the geeky goodness.

A Few Highlights of C2E2:

Seth Grahame-Smith
New York Times Best-Selling author of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, both of which I highly recommend to everyone! Participated in two panels and held book signings! He was super nice and cool, very down to earth dude.

Cyanide & Happiness
The guys over at Explosm held a panel with the guys from SMBC Theater. They played some of their videos for a packed panel room and held a Q&A session. For the remainder of the weekend they could be found at their booths, drawing FREE sketches for fans and signing copies of their book and signing high-fives (I was #262). I was able to bring my own copy which they all signed. It was fun meeting them they all really great guys and it was fun watching them sketch funny stuff for people! I'm a regular follower of the C&H webcomic and Rob is probably my favorite writer but I have to say Kris's sketch was probably my favorite cause it caught me by surprise!

The Dynamic Duo behind the YouTube Marvel/DC Parody Web Series held a panel Saturday night of C2E2. They premiered their latest installment in their epic tale of everyone's favorite heroes: Zero Hour #3. After the premiere of newest episode they held a Q&A session with all the fans. After the panel was over they hung around for pictures and autographs. They were awfully nice and humble, gotta love 'em!

J. Scott Campbell
What can I possibly say about J. Scott Campbell other than I love this man's epic drawing skills. I positively love his stuff, my favorites have to be his covers for Amazing Spider-Man. He was on hand at a table in Artist's Alley, offering sketches and autographs. I was able to bring a bunch of my favorite Spidey covers of his for him to autograph for me. Really sweet guy!

Sean McKeever
When I saw this guy's name on the list of people in Artist's Alley I just knew I had to find him. While he had done a work as a writer on various projects, my sister and I know him best as the writer of the series Spider-Man Love Mary Jane. I was able to chat with him for a few minutes and by chat with him I mean praise him for his work in Spider-Man Love Mary Jane! I told him my sister was a big fan of the books and that she actually got into reading comic books because of it and he was very glad to hear it! He then gave me an autograph for her since she couldn't be there to meet him! He was such a nice guy I'm really glad I got to meet him.

There was a ton other things going on, but this is what sticks out most in my mind at the moment. Of course there was FREE stuff, a few free comics here and there, posters, e.t.c. Not to mention lots of local comic book shops were selling old comics and trade paperbacks at really great prices. There was even a booth selling DVDs at the ridiculous price of $5. I got a set of C2E2 glass tumblers, featuring Iron Man and Superman. I planned on giving them to my dad for Father's Day, but since that date is seems so far away I kinda want to give them to him sooner.

Well I had a lot of fun and considering that C2E2 is in its baby stages, it will only get better! I'm looking forward to volunteering again next year and hopefully my sister will join me this time!

Until April 8-10, 2011, C2E2, it's been fun!


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