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Well its official....
EA 3 is kicking my butt! I've fallen so far behind and the quarter is quickly beginning to slip away!! Last week's problem set wasn't too bad because there were only 2 problems and they were both MATLAB problems so it was just plugging in numbers and plotting graphs. This Week... 4 problems and it took forever to do!!!

("Why Tom, Why!" is an inside joke
my and my EXCEL summer program friends have...)
(Tom was our EA 1 professor in during the summer program...
we would shout the phrase when we would assign homework or give us tests)

This week won't be as bad as the last 2 weeks.... cause midterms are a thing of the past... and the future.... since next week I apparently have a Sociology test and an EA "Quiz."
Oh God, how I despise engineering. Someone needs to remind me why I'm doing this to myself!!


Fright Fest!


Well this Saturday was all about going to Six Flags Fright Fest!
And apparently that's what this weekend was all about for the entire state of Illinois!!! The park was packed with people.... I don't think I've ever seen that many people at the park at once, that's including the summer... but I'm happy to say it was still lots of fun... I got to go with my sister and two cousins... we spent most of our time checking out the stage shows (there was a pretty good hypnosis show) and looking to get scared by zombies. We enjoyed haunted houses and mazes... all in all it was a good day.

Lust -- "Whore!"

Zombie Grave Digger

Visiting the happy zombie couple

Me and my cousin checking out an alien

yes... that is a port-a-potty w/stuff spraying out...
you don't want to think about it too hard...

Part of the Parade


Cool looking freaks

hope you all enjoyed a little bit of day....


Death to Northwestern


Its only been... three weeks of school and already the threat of Exams and curves that will kill your already pathetic grades is looming over my head... and the heads of those around me!
What is it about NU that makes me want to rip my head out... and wonder why I'm paying to go mad!! You know come to think of it... from Kindergarten to Senior Year of H.S. I always enjoyed school... I liked my teachers and my classmates... I didn't mind homework so much... plus it was never too difficult (because people actually knew how to teach)... now that I go to NU... where the tutition for the 2007-2008 school year peaked to approx. 49,000 I hate school!!! I guess the best things in life really are free!! (Thank God for Financial Aid!)

Well Today... Chem Exam from 7-8:15 PM... Wednesday in class @ 10AM Engineering Analysis Quiz... Next Wednesday or Tuesday @ 12 PM a Calculus 4 (Multi-variable Calc) Midterm...
Not Cool....

....Not Cool....


Can't Get Offline!



I am like so tired... but some how I just can not bring my self to step away from my computer and get into bed... Its like some kind of invisible force... like I've been possessed by some kind of internet obsessed spirit... *shifty eyes*... or it could just be ME!!

regardless... I need to get it out of my system at least by the end of this week... cause classes are starting... God help all the C average students at NU and damn all the A and B average students!!!

well I should get to bed... I have to get up earlier than today and go textbook shopping >:(

~Me :O)

School XP


So... School is starting again soon (the 25th to be exact)... the first few days are great but then the magic fades... I'm really not looking forward to Physics and Calc 4 (actually I'm not really looking forward to any of my classes!) *tear*

Alas I must return to the dreadful halls of Northwestern's Technological Institute!! :(

I just recently bought two new sketch books and I've decided to use them for Art Therapy... whenever I get stressed out or bomb a test... I will try and draw stuff to keep me from going insane and soul less!!

well... I better get back to packing... hope to be back here soon...




well, well, well... um... ya know... I don't even really remember why I made this blog in the first place... it must have been late @ night... cause apparently I have done absolutely nothing with it... and nothing really comes to mind as too what I can do with it... its not like anything exciting happens in my life... but... actually this may help serve as some sort of therapy for me... you see I'm an engineering student and there are times when I feel I will go completely mad if I don't let things out and escape the engineering world if only for a second.. so that is what this blog will become... and escape... and regardless of whether people actually read this I will write here...

now if you actually read all that... wow... you really have no life... j/k... it wasn't even really that much anyway...


p.s. no seriously get yourself a life...


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