New Year, New Quarter, Same Troubles...


Wow its been a really long time... since I last updated this thing... I think I might have forgotten about it... oops

Any who... um... well last quarter didn't go as bad as it could have gone... but I am definitely more optimistic about this quarter... which is weird 'cause usually winter quarter is the worst... the classes that I am taking are as follows:
Chem 102-1, Inorganic Chemistry
Gen_Eng 205-4, Engineering Analysis 4
Civ_Eng 216, Mechanics of Materials
Psych_337, Human Sexuality

As you can imagine... the only class that is interesting right now is Human Sexuality... its definitely and entertaining class... and even if it wasn't about sex... it's still more interesting than figuring out how much a steel bar will deform when you place a force on it... But I'm really trying to pay attention... because as I future Engineer/Doctor... I'm supposed to do the job right... so rest assured... I will learn my stuff...

At first I was scared of Mechanics because it was going to be similar to a class I took last year... EA 2 and I barely survived that class... plus this time I wasn't going to have my friends with me to do homework/labs/study with cause only two guys I know are in the class... and I don't really talk to them much or see much of them around campus... except for the few times they actually show up to class... but I was doing our homework assignment by myself last week and to my astonishment I was able to figure out most of not all the problems on my own!!! Then the few questions I had the TA answered them with ease.... so I'm feeling pretty good about it right now.. but who knows how long it will last... hopefully all quarter!

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